Coffee Roasting

The Days of Roasting in the Garage

Coffee roasting is the process of using raw green coffee cherry seeds and heat to create the roasted beans used to brew coffee. As the coffee is roasted there are many changes that take place in the beans. We at Smooth Joe Coffee strive to produce a roasted coffee that is smooth tasting, and easy drinking. We choose beans that have been profiled to have good body feel in the mouth, a sweetness and various flavor notes. Sometimes fruity, sometimes chocolaty, sometimes nutty, and other flavor notes. We source our coffees from suppliers that deal fairly with the farmers that produce the coffee, and who’s people are passionate about the quality of the green beans delivered to us. We use a mix of old school artisan roasting methods combined with computer monitoring technology for repeatable quality. So that we can deliver to you, the great tasting coffee you will want to drink.

Medium Roast Coffee In the Cooling Bin of the Roaster.

Most of our roasts would fall into the medium roast levels (trade name ranges of City to FullCity). With coffee being a seasonally grown item, there are different coffee seasons in the parts of the world that grow coffee. We change our selections of coffee through the year and will have a mix of blends and “single origin” coffees available. For some blends like “Smooth Joe Blend” we are a little different from other roasters. We will change the components of the blend through the year. We pick beans with similar flavor profiles, so the overall flavor of the blend does not change much. We have been using this approach to avoid having to use beans that have gotten older and changed in flavor profile due to age.

However, we also know that there are customers who like the roast process tastes that come through in the “dark” roast category. For those customers we have SS-427 which came from the coaching of a relative of our lead roaster Craig (me). [We’ll call him Dave for the purposes of this story.] One day as Craig was demonstrating the roasting process to Dave, he requested me to push the roast further. We kept going further and further, until at 427 degrees F the color of the beans matched what Dave liked to use… At that point we were thinking of a name for this special roast and the Chevelle SS-427 came to mind, and just like that the SS-427 roast was born. If you like dark roasted coffee, we hope you will like our SS-427 blend.

Front Grill of a Chevelle

We don’t like producing coffee that requires lots of sugar and milk (dairy or plant) to make it drinkable. I’ve heard is said, and seen it written, “life is too short to drink bad coffee…” The sentiment of that statement holds true for us at Smooth Joe Coffee. We want you to be able to drink the coffee straight out of the brewing method of choice, and it should taste good. But we want you to enjoy the coffee with anything added that you like. At our Smooth Joe Coffee shop, you can get our coffee served many ways from straight “black” brewed or espresso, to served over ice cream for a tasty desert treat.