______ Our story

Smooth Joe Coffee evolved out of a love for smooth jazz and mellow artisan coffee.  After roasting coffee in the garage for five years, our roaster, Craig, was ready to move operations into a better location.  Also, friends and family with a taste for Smooth Joe’s artisan coffee were inquiring when we would start selling coffee.  Around Christmas of 2021, an opportunity arose to open not just a roastery but also a coffee shop, in a development adjacent to our favorite segment of the greenway.  5401 North reflects that blend of community and convenience that we love and yet a great place to walk, bike and enjoy Raleigh’s natural beauty.  You might see us out riding our bikes or scooters through the neighborhood!

______ The garage days

Way back when starting out, Smooth Joe Coffee had some loyal, encouraging fans who helped us get to where we are today.  Pop-up coffee events, graduation parties and church cafes have assisted in introducing the yet unnamed brand and in refining the right roast profiles and bean blends. We are grateful for our loyal supporters!

______ The shop

The shop decor revolves around the 20’s and 30’s era, with a blend of art deco, industrial themes and the Jazz Age.  There is also a cozy artist’s corner where we plan to feature guest artists.  We hope our passion for great coffee, our desire to create a cozy atmosphere and our care in providing to the comfort of our guests will make a trip to Smooth Joe Coffee a relaxing experience.

______ Our mission

Our desire is to be fully part of the 5401 North Community, the Wake Tech Community and the coffee-lovers community.  Craig and Sue are both committed to actively volunteering locally.  We look forward to embracing new volunteer opportunities as we get to know our neighbors!